Team Seaducer

Welcome to team Seaducer. Each day when we go fishing, we do so with a team mentality where each member on the boat contributes to the benefit of the group. Each fisherman brings his or her personal goals to the day as well. Maybe one person wants to learn how to gaff a fish, while another wants to learn new techniques for rigging bait. Someone might be chasing marlin while another participant is hoping to fill the freezer with tuna.

As your Captain and Coach, my approach is to first understand the goals, skills, and limitations of the team. Once I assess your abilities and desires, we make a plan that helps everyone have the best chance to take something home at the end of the day, whether that be a certain fish or skill.

If your goal is to ride around on the biggest, fastest yacht you can find, well there are a lot of boats to choose from, but be careful because the goals of the crew may not be the same as yours. I believe a happy crew catches more fish, which is why I emphasize learning about your goals for the day rather than forcing you into my itinerary.